Love of Allah: Experience the Beauty of Salah - The Essence and Heart of Salah

The Essence and Heart of Salah

It was common that when the time for prayer came, the Prophet  would turn to Bilal [whose duty was to call out the Adhan – the call to prayer] and say, “Relieve us with it, O Bilal”.  In other words, make the call, Bilal, for what will lighten our heavy burdens and will soothe and comfort us.  For when the Prophet was troubled with a difficult matter or much worry, he would turn to prayer.  After all, doesn’t Allah say: “and seek [Allah’s] help with patient perseverance and prayer”  

Every people have their own method of seeking comfort, relaxation and escape.  Some use music, some use exercises like Yoga, and some unfortunately- alcohol.  But for us Muslims, we attain the benefits of all of the above and more, from Salah. We resort to the source of all solutions and the source of all peace and relief, Our Beloved, Our Creator.

Now we have guarded ourselves from Satan’s ways and ready to enter upon the most sacred part of our Salah, the essence of it all...The Fatihah! The greatest Surah in the Quran! The segment of Salah without which you cannot have prayed and your prayer would be nullified. The segment where Allah actually answers back to us at every verse! How can we ever drift in this part of the prayer?

But first, let us remind ourselves. Again, what brought us to stand here right now? Oh yes, our endless love and deep longing to be with Allah. And when one meets up with his beloved, what is he first most likely to utter? It is the sweet sound of his Beloved’s name!  But this is no ordinary name. This is a name that blesses everything around it! Everything it falls upon! This is a name that lifts away any evil, harm and ache. With it we start, and with it we finish, and with it we taste the sweetness of this life and the sweetness of the next… “Bismillah  ar-Rahman ar-Raheem” [In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful]. Feel it soothing your heart as it gently rolls off your lips. “To Him [Allah] belong the most beautiful names..” And when you love someone, you savor in how perfect they are.  Don’t you?  No one  deserves this more than Allah. For only He, is truly perfect!  “Alhamdulillahi Rabbilalameen!”

[All praise is due to Allah, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds!]. In praising Him, we are in essence establishing Allah’s undeniable perfection.  The Prophet  told us, “Alhamdulillah fills the scale!” Let gratitude fill our hearts when we utter it, He has blessed us with so much  and always keep in mind that when we thank anyone in this world, we are in fact, thanking Allah Himself.  He is the ultimate source, isn’t He?  Let’s take it to another depth, when we say “Alhamdulillah”, we are even praising and thanking Allah for blessing us with the ability to praise and thank Him. As even this ability is from Him!  So in reality, Allah establishes praise for Himself, through us. Glorified is He. Feel your dependence and need for Him, feel the healing effects of the gift of remembering and praising Him.


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