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Keys to Success according to Ibn Qayyim

In Ibn Qayyim's book on Paradise [Hadi al-Arwah ila Bilad al-Arwah] and he discusses the key to Paradise, without which you cannot enter and made a summary of a few key concepts and the keys to them. Some of the KEYS he mentioned as follows:  

The Key to:

Hajj - is Ihram

Birr - is Truthfulness

Jannah [heaven] - is Tawheed [belief in Oneness of God]

Knowledge - is Good questions and paying attention/listening

Help/victory - is Sabr [patience]

Increase blessings - is Shukr [give thanks and gratefulness]

Friendship and Love of God [Allah]
- is Remembrance of God [Dhikr]

Tawfeeq [ability to do good] - Raghbah and Rahbah [Longing and Fear]

Longing for Akhirah - is having Zuhd [abstinence of this world]

Iman [faith] - is Tafaqur  [Contemplating on creation of God and His Ayat]

Life in the heart - is contemplating on the Qur'an

Increase of Rizq [sustenance] - is Make much Istighfar [seeking forgiveness] and Taqwa

Having Honour - Obeying God and His Messenger

Key to all good - is longing to meet God

Key to all evil - is loving this Dunyah and having long/extending plans/hopes in this world.

Edited by A.B. al-Mehri


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