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Extracts Part 8 - Love of Allah

The Farewell Scene 

If you have just finished the first Rakah [unit] of your Salah, then rise for the second and rise for a new chance to improve your focus and to ensure that this time, your heart and mind are fully alive with the humbleness and humility required of us in Salah. If this is your last Rakah, then we have arrived at the Farewell Scene... the sweet ending to this beautiful meeting between a servant and his Merciful Lord. We have arrived at...The Tashahhud.

'Love of Allah - Experience the beauty of Salah'. From the 1st of May 2013, you will be able to order your FREE COPY worldwide insha-Allah from our website. We will be uploading daily extracts from the Book between 8-9pm every day till 14th April insha-Allah.

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Extracts Part 8


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