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Extracts Part 7 - Love of Allah

The Perfect Sujood 

We continue with the greatest pillar of Salah, the Sujood [prostration]! Now don’t you wish you could have watched the Prophet himself as he did his Sujood [prostration]? This is the aim of today’s segment, to carry to you the description of the proper Sujood [prostration], just the way our Messener prostrated before Allah, in hope that we can perfect our own performance of this precious pillar. When you are ready to perform the prostration, make sure to call out “Allahu Akbar” on your way down for Sujood [prostration]....Not before, no rafter, but during the descent. The stronger opinion is that the palms are to touch the ground first before the knees, to avoid resembling the descent of a beast [camel].

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Extracts Part 7


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