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Extracts Part 6 - Love of Allah

In Preparation for the Greatest Pillar of Salah 

We just completed a beautiful station of Salah, the Ruku’ [bowing]. The Ruku’ [bowing] is the prelude to Sujood [prostration]...from one posture of submission, to a greater, more complete posture of submission! But before the Sujood [prostration], comes another beautiful station of Salah - and that is, the standing after the Ruku’ [bowing]. The Prophet Muhammed [PBUH] said, “Allah does not look to a servant’s Salah if he does not straighten [upright] his back between his Ruku’ [bowing] and Sujood [prostration].” Therefore, that motionless, peaceful calm maintained in the other parts of Salah must be especially maintained here as well... allowing for the bones to return to their joints, for he also told us that “The worst thief is the one who steals from his Salah” [by rushing through it]. The Prophet Muhammed [PBUHused to stand in this part of the prayer a length equal to that of his Ruku [bowing]’.

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Extracts Part 6


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