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Extracts Part 4 - Love of Allah

The Key to Salvation 

“It is You we worship and You we ask for help.”

If we take the time to contemplate upon“Maliki Yaumi-Deen”, it is a verse that should truly shake us! Many when they stand in prayer pay no attention to the words they utter. Those words never reach their hearts, but are an unconscious recitation of what they’ve memorized. “Will they not seek to under- stand this Quran or are there locks upon their hearts?” It is said that those focused and whose hearts are truly humbled in prayer are like a fish in water, and those who are not...are like a bird in a cage. So what will save us from the horrors of that terrifying day? The answer lies in the next verse, for the next verse summarizes Surah al-Fatihah - The greatest Surah in the Book! And al- Fatihah summarizes the Quran! “Iyyaka na’budu wa Iyyaka nasta’een” [You alone we worship, and unto You alone we turn for help] Every Prophet gave his people this key to salvation, “I have come to you with a plain warning, that you worship none but Allah; for verily, I fear for you the punishment of a grievous day!”

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Extracts Part 4


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