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Extracts Part 2 - Love of Allah

Salute the King & Expel the Intruder. 

Now you have officially entered Salah when you proclaimed “Allahu Akbar”. You lower your gaze to the place of your Sujood [prostration] and you now place your hands right over left and close to your heart/lower chest. Why? Imagine that you have walked into a royal palace and you enter upon a group of people standing in the distance. Some in the group fix their gaze boldly at you with their arms comfortably at their sides. The other group stands with their gaze to the ground and their hands clasped in front of them.

'Love of Allah - Experience the beauty of Salah'. From the 1st of May 2013, you will be able to order your FREE COPY worldwide insha-Allah from our website. We will be uploading daily extracts from the Book between 8-9pm every day till 14th April insha-Allah

To continue reading download extracts of the book, Part 2

Extracts Part 2


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