Qur'anic Journey: An Introduction to the Study of the Qur'an

"The Qur'anic Journey is the greatest endeavour a human being can ever take: (and) it ends with Seeing God Himself."

This is a 5 part audio series delivered by A.B. al-Mehri during the course "The Qur'anic Journey: An Introduction to the Study of the Qur'an"

Chapter 1: The Magnificence, Grandeur and Superiority of the Qur'an

- Tools given by Allah to help us Know, Worship and Love Him.
- The need for Revelation throughout human history
- Final Revelation: The superiority of the Qur'an - The Qur'an is a reflection of His Attributes?
- What are the different names Allah[swt] gives to the Qur'an
- How does Allah [swt] speak to Mankind: How Revelation occurs
- Time Period of Revelation
- Qur'an: Structure - What is an Ayat?
- What is a Surah?
- Aims of the Qur'an: Functions

Chapter 2: The Prophet's Qur'anic Journey 

- Effect of the Ayat on the human personality
- The Prophet, himself, was on the Qur'anic Journey 
- Overview of the effects on the Prophet [peace be upon him]

Chapter 3: Condition of the Heart: Key to Understanding the Qur'an

- Heart's connection to Allah
- The relationship between Iman in Allah [swt], the Qur'an and the Heart
- Tazkiyah of the Nafs precedes the learning the Book of Allah

Chapter 4: The Qur'an in the times of Fitnah

- Nothing will remain of the Qur'an except its written form
- When you do not practice following the Qur'an, knowledge will disappear
- Focus on the Qur'an in times of Fitnah
- What is way out of the Fitnah?

Chapter 5: How to begin to understand the Qur'an - Usool of Tafsir

- Overall Approach to the Qur'an: Mental Tasks
- Specific Analysis: Tafseer - Definition and Principles
- Missing Link: The Teacher [Qur'anic mentor is key]

Chapter 6: Attributes of the Bearers of the Qur'an

Chapter 7: Final Note: The Greatest Journey


Audio 1 -3 were beneficial. They gave good background knowledge about the prophet's (PBUH) journey with the Quran. Where can I find audio 4 & 5?


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