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Order your copy [English Translation of the Quran] 

Thousands of people worldwide have ordered their copies of the Qur'an Project publication. Below are some of feedback we have received. [for the full listing see Testimonials]

"Quran (Translation) by Quran Project has been an amazing read especially the introductory chapters which aid in understanding the reasoning for revelation"

"I have started reading this's brilliant! It's in simple English, yet gives a contextual background of the time it was revealed."

"[The] Quran Project has played a big role in my life as its 1 of the reason I became Muslim and one other member in my family. We found it easy to read as it was translated in simple English, the scientific facts in the back of the book really helped to strengthen our faith in Qur'an"

"The actual book was superb. It was beautifully designed and surprisingly fragrant. The layout inside is clear, crisp and uncomplicated. I'm very happy with it."

"Thank you so much, I ordered a Quran (translation) over a year ago, and after reading I reverted to Islam, previously I was Christian. I am so happy. Thank you."

[For bulk order enquiries, please contact us]

Financial Breakdown of Costs:

The Book

Non-Muslim -FREE
Muslim [buying for non-Muslim] -£5.00[set cost price - approx]
Muslim [buying for yourself] -£10

Postage and Packaging Charges

Dimensions - 

The Quran Project - [Hard Back] - 24.0cm x 17.3 x 3.8cm

Weight - 1.29 kg

We subsidise the costs of post and packaging. It currently it costs us approximately £5 in post and packaging to send a single copy in UK mainland [internationally prices differ]. This is due to the size of the publication etc.

Options below:

Free Quran for Muslims

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