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“I bought myself a Qur’an, it’s beautiful, it’s made specifically for converts, reverts, people who are interested in Islam and people who do not understand it. It’s amazing and beautiful...i was reading it…..and really loving it…and i was ready to take my Shahadah" (Revert sister)

"The Quran (translation) from Qur’an Project has played a big role in my life as its one of the reason I became Muslim and… one other member in my family. We found it easy to read as it was translated in simple English, the scientific facts in the back of the book really helped to strengthen our faith in Qur’an ... we thank Allah for giving us Islam and may Allah reward everyone who was involved in this project ameen" (Revert sister)

“Thank you so much, I ordered a Quran (translation) over a year ago, and after reading I reverted to Islam, previously I was Christian. I am so happy. Thank you. This week, my brother has been reading some of my Quran (translation), and has now ordered himself a copy, Inshallah one day he will revert too.... Jazak-Allah for your work in this project. “ (Julie Ruya Altinsoy)

"Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, may Allah preserve all those involved in this project.  I became Muslim in prison and the English Translation you distribute helped me immensely, especially the appendices. They helped me remove doubts and strengthen my faith. I have since learnt Arabic and using the full Arabic Mushaf you distribute I have memorised nearly a third of the Quran, I intend to become hafiz using the same mushaf [insha Allah]. I ask Allah the generous to  give you perpetual rewards for your efforts and to reward you every time I read  a letter from the Quran. Ameen. Never underestimate your reward and think good of Allah. I write this letter to encourage you for your work, and to give you a real life example of the effects of your project…”