London Victoria Billboard #WhoIsMuhammad Week

London Victoria Billboard #WhoIsMuhammad Week

A New Global initiative about Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]

The Qur'an Project is announced 'A Global Week Promoting the Character and Life of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] which was on Monday 23rd Feb - Sunday 1st March inshaAllah [this gives us time to make relevant arrangements]

Aim: To promote the personality of Prophet Muhammad to non-Muslims and Muslims alike. We requested on ALL organisations/individuals worldwide to participate.

Suggested activities/events -
University ISOCs can arrange talks and seminars
Teachers at schools can have interesting assemblies and lessons for their pupils
Dawah organisations/groups can organise dawah stalls in these days.
Masjids can have open days.
Individuals can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, to spread amazing facts about the personality of Prophet Muhammad  [peace be upon him] - using hadith, sayings, facts etc.
May Allah Almighty bless this endevour [ameen]

February 2015.

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