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A New Global initiative about Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]

The Qur'an Project is announced 'A Global Week Promoting the Character and Life of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] which was on Monday 23rd Feb - Sunday 1st March inshaAllah [this gives us time to make relevant arrangements]

Aim: To promote the personality of Prophet Muhammad to non-Muslims and Muslims alike. We requested on ALL organisations/individuals worldwide to participate.
Suggested activities/events -

1) University ISOCs can arrange talks and seminars

2) Teachers at schools can have interesting assemblies and lessons for their pupils

3) Dawah organisations/groups can organise dawah stalls in these days.

4) Masjids can have open days.

5) Individuals can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, to spread amazing facts about the personality of Prophet Muhammad  [peace be upon him] - using hadith, sayings, facts etc.

May Allah Almighty bless this endevour [ameen]

February 2015.