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Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I ordered a Qur'an in March last year but due to personal circumstances it took me many months to embrace Islam as I was worried about the reaction from family and friends. Alhamdulillah I embraced Islam in January this year! Subhanallah. The free Qur'an I received from the Qur'an project was a blessing. The annotations and notes alongside the verses were especially helpful and as soon as I started reading the Qur'an I knew this was the truth that I had been seeking. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala bless and preserve all of those involved with this fantastic project and may the Qur'an Project continue to provide a blessed opportunity for people to read the Qur'an and embrace Islam, in sha Allah. Jazak Allah khair.
I once had a copy of the Quran, but at the time, found it difficult to understand, although I found the words beautiful. I am so,so happy with the Quran you sent me. It is beautifully presented, easy to understand and also provides history and context. I also really like your Youtube video and the phrase 'Stop Hating, Start Educating' I am not Muslim, but have a deep respect and love for Muslims, and all people...I think it is wonderful what you are doing in building bridges. May you all be blessed
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
May Allah preserve all those involved in this project. I became muslim in prison and the English Translation you distribute helped me immensely, especially the appendices. They helped me remove doubts and strengthen my faith. I have since learnt Arabic and using the full Arabic Mushaf you distribute I have memorised nearly a third of the Quran, I intend to become hafiz using the same mushaf [insha Allah]. I ask Allah the generous to  give you perpetual rewards for your efforts and to reward you every time I read  a letter from the Quran. Ameen. Never underestimate your reward and think good of Allah. I write this letter to encourage you for your work, and to give you a real life example of the effects of your project. I dont want a reply or praise, just make dua for me please.

Assalamu Alaykum,
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem

Ill start from the beginning

I have never been a particularly religious person, even though my extended family are devout Christians and my wife and in-laws are devout catholic Christians (there is a difference).

At the end of last year a number of life changing events took place, back to back, causing me to go off the rails completely. I was doing a lot of bad things - a lot! But throughout all of that, I was talking to God to show me the reason for my life. I was begging for some sort of sign that there was more to life than how I was living. My wife suggested that I started to go to church with her Sundays. I thought I would give it a try.

On the way to the church in Slough I saw a Quran Project billboard advert about a free Quran but didnt do anything. Every day I saw that sign for weeks brother! Still I just carried on sinning and talking to God.

Anyway, my wife and I were in in Slough town one day and she decided to buy me a bible. We went into the shop and I spent nearly an hour trying to decide which version to choose - King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version etc etc etc. I didnt realise or understand why there were so many versions. In the end I settled for the New International Version.

I got home, flicked through it and started reading randomly, only to notice that a verse was missing from the chapter I was reading (I cant remember which chapter and verse now). I checked why it was not included and found out it was because it was not in the original manuscript of the text. All these questions popped up immediately... Why was it moved? When was it moved? Who moved it? Suddenly I felt like I couldnt completely trust this book in this form.

The day after I saw that billboard for the Quran Project (again) and ordered a free copy.

Brother, as soon as I received it... Al-hamdu lilāh! I bursted into tears and I cried because I knew! (Im crying now remembering it). I knew this was what I was praying for. I couldnt put it down.

It was written in plain English, it had the history behind the revelation, it had introductory chapters for further reading. It had everything I needed to get me started in understanding Islam.

After reading it for a while, I found a masjid near me. I wanted to ask the imam some more questions before taking any steps, so I just went without an appointment. My brother, as soon as I walked in, all of my questions were answered at once without asking anything verbally - its difficult to describe.

Al-hamdu lilāh I took my shahada on that day - The 14th March 2014 - and my life has never been the same since!

 I am more at peace than I ever have been. I have a newfound purpose for my life. My faith has never been stronger. I understand how to really pray in submission to The Almighty.

My family didnt take things very well but, have noticed the positive changes Im making so they are slowly coming to terms with it. They have days where they are very understanding of my reversion and other days where it is more of a challenge for them. I pray for them daily and have patience.

Sorry, I didnt realise I would write so much! I just think its sometimes hard to understand how big a change is without looking at what was before it.

I pray Allah blesses the work you are doing. I pray Allah rewards handsomely for the lives He saves through your work.

Jazak Allahu Khayr!

May Allah (S.A) has mercy on you and accept your humble efforts for providing this knowledge, inshaallah.
Shally Iddi
MashaAllah an amazing organization, may Allah reward you and guide you all on the right path. Ameen!
Faiza Malik
I'm not a muslim, nor do I have any intention of following any religion, but I do appreciate what you're doing on this site, trying to educate the people and separate yourself from the extremists and showing what Islam is about
Nice One
All these beatiful testimony's mashallah
MashAllah I commend the people who have put together this and anyone that has helped!! May Allah Aza Wajal reward you all, Ameen. Keep it u and may Allah reward you with endless baraka!!
Ukhti Hafsa
May Allah has mercy on you for providing these islamic knowledges for us .I hope that there are Allah's blessings in your works.....
I've just ordered my Quran I'm so excited I can't wait to read. It inshaalaah
may the allmighty accept your humble efforts ameen remember the ummah in your duas
omar farook
I have just downloaded the app from store.... Masha Allah it's good... But in Miracles chapter beside prophet Mohammed there is no (pbuh) written... Hope ull rectify this..... Thanx
Salaam. A word of appreciation to all members of the “Qur'an Project” for a magnificent service in the True Path to promote Islam. In the hope that this ibadah be extended globally, I wish to forward a suggestion that "The Qur'an Project" enlist the support of all the Muslim philanthropists and tycoons in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Australasia to defray the cost of printing and shipping for free distribution of the “The Quran” at all the major airports, railway stations, public transport terminals, shopping malls, entertainment outlets, theme parks and hotels in the cities of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia. I would also suggest that “The Quran Project” liaise with the Secretariat of The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to secure financial backing from all the Muslim member nations. Insya Allah Islam will no longer be a "misunderstood religion" and Islam-bashing as well as Islamophobia be non-existent in the near future.
Dr. Munawar Misbah
Masha-Allah, my school has just received some Qur'ans from the Qur'an Project, Alhamdulliah many brothers are getting a copy, JazakAllah-khair for these copies and Insha-Allah, may Allah bless and grant you his Rahma for all your hard work, in this dunya and in the aahira.
Mohammed A (South East London)
Aslaamu'Alaikum.. Ma'shaa'Allah - AMAZING JOB!!! Billboards are amazing and very very effective - You have my details (and I met you at Luton masjid, during a mufti menk talk) Please contact me so we can get some billboards/newspaper front page adverts here in High Wycombe. Jazaka'Allah Khair, May Allah reward you and make things easy for you.
Kamran Mahmood
hi my name is adama sumareh am 17 years old from gambia i like your webiste very much, i was born a muslim and i hope i will die as a muslim too thank you for the website i really like it may allah help you everbody here and may allah make peace in the world. i hope to have friends who are muslims feel free to email me on
Adama Sumareh
I live in the US and came across this website online by looking on the internet for a FREE Quran. I clicked on the link to receive a FREE Quran and saw that there was a shipping charge to the US from the UK. At that time I didn't have a job and had no money and emailed the site asking if there was a way that I could get it sent to me for free seeing how I didn't have any money. I didn't think they would be able to just because of the distance and the amount of money it costs to ship to the US. Boy, was I surprised one day that within my mailbox, what did I find? None other than the Quran from The Quran Project. For a very long time now I have been praying to God to show me His path, show me His way, show me His truth so that I might find it. I have been a Christian for a long time, over 15 years, and its been a struggle and I haven't had true peace in my heart and life, so maybe it was God's will that I received this Quran and hopefully, God willing, I too, might find peace, truth, salvation, and life in Him and only in Him. Thank you so much The Quran Project and may God bless you all for this work you are doing Eric (a non-muslim)
Eric W
I think that the fact that our planet still exists is a sign of Allah's love. Japan, and the oil spill in the gulf of mexico should have killed us. The unbelievers haven't found a way to kill us yet!
Heather Al-Hakeem
I want to thank you for sending a Qur'an to me. I really appreciate it and am reading it. I once believed in Muhammad (pbuh) as a prophet of God (although I didn't profess Islam), and think I could again. My Jewish faith (I was also born Jewish) doesn't feel complete, but Islam could be the completion of my faith, so again, thank you for very kindly sending me a copy of the Qur'an. I see that it could well be the Word of God, and I agree with much of what I have read so far. Shalom.
Dan Ben-David
Mashallah I'm a muslim by birth and I recommend The Quran Project team as well as the supporters to do as much as you can for the spread of Islam and for sure Allah will help those who help themselves.
Alhamdullilah for your superbly produced English-interpretation Quran
Sabir Rahman Jones
I am from Malaysia.My daughter purchased a copy as a surprise gift to me for the month of Ramadhan.I have at the moment 2 versions of English translation Quran(Yusof Ali & Muhammad Asad).Compared to those 2,yours is the easiest to comprehend.At present in Malaysia there is a very serious issue of using the word "Allah" in the translated version of the Bible in the Malay language which had evoke strong objections from the Muslim community.In order to counter such attempt,I feel that there is a necessity to initiate "The Quran Project" such as yours.Please advise on the the procedures and process to establish one.Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.To ease your reply, please send msg through my Fb as the above.
Abdul Aziz Hussein
Beautiful work may Allah reward you highly.
Maryam hussain
Salamu-alaekum, Great work guys, may Allah (SWT) reward you guys abundantly. thanks for the great work.
Shakirudeen Abdu-Rahmon
Salam. A word of appreciation to all members of the Qur'an Project for a magnificent service in the True Path to promote Islam. In the hope that this service be extended globally I wish to forward a suggestion that "The Qur'an Project" should enlist the support of all the Muslim philanthropists and tycoons in the Middle East, USA and Europe to defray the cost of printing and shipping for free distribution at the arrival halls of all the major airports, railway stations and public transport terminals in the major cities of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia. InsyaAllah with time Islam will no longer be a "misunderstood religion" and Islamophobia be non-existent.
Munawar Misbah
This is a wonderful project MashaaAllah and am glad to be part of it! JazakaaAllah and my Allah reward you for it In Shaa Allah!
Masaad Said
Keep up the good work and may Allah reward everyone helping making this project a reality
Brother Sabbir Ahmed
May Allah reward you all for all the hard work.
Asad Jehangir
Assalam alaykum. May Allaah reward everyone in this project.
Msallam Ibn Musa
I am very happy to tell you that it arrived today! Again, thank you for your hard work and good service.
Daniel Pugh
Quran (Translation) by Quran Project has been an amazing read especially the introductory chapters which aid in understanding the reasoning for revelation, even though the Arabic can not be compared, however the translation of the quran with the additional chapters have been thought provoking and in some areas deep enough to move the heart and appreciate what this beautiful revelation aims to deliver.I began reading it in the hope to understand better what the Quran required of me, how was I to implement it in my life and to at least complete it once so I could relieve the burden off my shoulders that I at least aimed and strived to understand better the words of the most high, which I know isn\'t justified until one studies the language it was revealed in.The most heart moving moments of this project has been understanding the reasons why Allaah azzwaJal revealed those verses in certain situations and truly how blessed are those people who were given answers for their troubling situations or questions they needed answers for from Allaah azzwaJal.We may not be able to comprehend how the companions of the Messenger Sallallahu alayhi wassalam would wait for revelation, having full faith, yaqeen and sabr that Allaah would respond to their problems, complaints and questions.
Great work Masha-Allah,May Allah make this work easy and successful and make it be beneficial to the people to show them the right path of Islam and May Allah bless you all abundantly ameen
Aboubacar Ali mze
Masha-Allah excellent Project!
A. Abdur Rahman
May Allaah (SWT) reward you all for your beautiful goals in spreading the message of Islaam and may He (SWT) make this easy for you all, aameen.
Iram K
I have started reading this translation & mashaAllaah it's brilliant! It's in simple english, yet gives a contextual background of the time it was revealed.
Tafheen Sharif
May Allah reward you for all your efforts. You inspire others with your original ideas. Brilliant!
Muslim Sister
Support and love from Malaysia
razman naim
The main purpose of our life is to worship God. Hence the need to spread His word
Maged Agour
Alhamdulillah! What a fantastic project. May Allah reward you for all your hard efforts.
sohaib siddiq
MashaAllah, an excellent project... may Allah (SWT) make this campaign a success and increase the awareness of this beautiful speech of our Creator!
Samir Vora, Kuwait
May your efforts and initiatives be rewarded - Don't stop spreading the light and beauty and joy of this deen.
May Allah (SWT) make this project a success and a means to reach the hearts and minds of all humanity to understand the beauty and reality of Islam.
Mushtaq Rehman
Assalam alaykum. Great Project may Allah help you.
Abdelhadi bin Daniel
May Allah bless you guys for doing this Dawaah.
Abdulhakim Bukheit
I am very Glad to help and keep up the good work and may Allah reward your hard work inshallah.
The quran (translation) from quran project has played a big role in my life as its 1 of the reason I became muslim and 1 other member in my family. We found it easy to read as it was translated in simple English, the scientific facts in the back of the book really helped to strengthen our faith in quran ... we thank Allah for giving us islam and may Allah reward everyone who was involved in this project ameen
revert sister
SubhanaALLAH, this made me cry wallah ive been following up this project & making duaa for the ppl involved! You brothers will always be a role model for the ummah, never feel that your work is at waste for Allaah sees what you do and I pray that Allaah grants you success in it, you guys reached levels in giving dawah that many couldnt dream of. ALLAHU AKBAR
Assalamu alaikum brother, the package with the two books has just been delivered to my home, alhamdulilah. Wallahi, I am eternally grateful to you and your team for this gift. Without a doubt I will make dua every opportunity I get, asking Allah that He rewards you all generously for this hard work and effort. May this be your means of archiving the pleasure and company of al-Shakoor. Please keep up the wonderful work, may you all be increased in khair. Jazakum Allahul jannatul firdaws al-A'la.
Sister Saida
I would like to extend my thanks to everyone behind this initiative. Such great professional work, Masha ALLAH.
Khalid Khan
Asalamu Alaikoum. I'm Ahmed from Egypt Just proud of your great job. God bless you all....
"I couldn't believe it (The Qur'an Project) was free!"
Please donate to help the whole world know how Qur'an has cure for all human ailments
The USB idea with Qur'an audio is an amazing idea and the design is fantastic. May Allah make the project a sucess and guide millons to Islam through it. I feel so happy hearing about this project and inspired! Mashallah tabarakallah”
"InshAllah i will try my best to spread the word within the community here in Sydney InshAllah. May Allah swt reward you all in full for your efforts. "
The actual book was superb. It was beautifully designed and surprisingly fragrant. The layout inside is clear, crisp and uncomplicated. I'm very happy with it.
Thanks for the quran (Translation) mate i took heed in the message and did a lot of research also and brought other translations and am now a muslim..
Asalamalaikum, Thanx very much for the Qur'an (Translation) . It changed my life and I am a proud MUSLIM Alhumdullilah. I have read the Bible before Qur'an to seek the truth but it was only Qur'an that seem to be from God. It's been now 8 months since I read shahdah.
Akhilesh Jadhav (now Aquil Jadhav)
Glory to almighty Allah who sent down the quran. Am former christian now muslim Quran is real miracle it can open the heart of any human to truth Truth is nothing but " No god than Allah who have no son " There is nothing great than giving a free copy ,Its duty of muslim to convey the message to non muslims ,so all must come forward and contribute to this noble cause
Saeed bin George
Asalam Alaikum Just over 4 months ago...we asked Qur'an Project if they could assist 2 masjids in NJ who were less privileged. Brothers and sisters were sharing the Quran. MashaALLAH from requesting a few copies Qur'an Project sent 2 BOXES. Allahu Akbar!..Everyday since then Brothers and sisters in the community are absolutely loving the translation, some non muslims have been so intrigued and requesting more books...What a wonderful gift this has has had great impact on the new muslims..and the Imams are till this day grateful for such a scheme who do only for the sake of ALLAH and bring light to their ummah in different parts of the world. JazakaALLAH Kheyr to the team..The dua's will not go unnoticed inshaALLAH..
New Jersey (USA)
SubhanALLAH! I can't begin to describe how AMAZING this project is. I'm sure the people behind this don't even know themselves that insha'Allah they will get rewarded so so so much. Keep up this brilliant work and we the Muslims will keep supporting you all in every way we can insha'Allah. Hong Kong Muslims Salute YOU!
Adeel Malik
Thank you for all the literature and the copy of the Quran (translation) your supporters in Bradford kindly gave me today. Your words made sense and I felt I will have a differing and better understanding of the message of Islam in the future. The TV and newspapers are liars, that is something I have suspected, but your openness and honesty was refreshing and proved my suspicions were correct.
Peter, Bradford
Thank you so much, I ordered a Quran (translation) over a year ago, and after reading I reverted to Islam, previously I was Christian. I am so happy. Thank you. This week, my brother has been reading some of my Quran (translation), and has now ordered himself a copy, Inshallah one day he will revert too.... Jazak-Allah for your work in this project.
Julie Ruya Altinsoy
"Masha Allah, I would like to appreciate your wonderful task of spreading the message of Islam throughout the world! We from Sri Lanka recently received "THE QUR'AN PROJECT" from a person who returned from UK. We got to know about your project through this! So continue your great work and may Allah guide you and all of us to the straight path, Ameen."
"Asalamalaikum, Thanx very much for the Qur'an (Translation). It changed my life and I am a proud MUSLIM Alhumdullilah. I have read the Bible before Qur'an to seek the truth but it was only Qur'an that seem to be from God. It's been now 8 months since I read shahadah."
Revert brother
Your billboards have actually brought tears to my eyes, masha Allah
Zareen Khan
Masha Allah,I m so happy,may Allah guide as many possible through this project. Ameen and may Allah Azzawajal ,reward brothers and sisters involved in this da'wah project. ameen. We have to donate and get our reward too insha Allah, these Qur'an Translations are free but not free to print them, I'm so happy, jazak Allahu kheiran
Marwo Mohamed
Some of these messages on the billboard are so great I would love to wear them on a T-shirt! May Allah accept all our efforts. Ameen.
Danish Mumtaz
May Allah help succeed Quran project
Muhammed Yayha
May Allah bless you and continue to give you the strength and drive to spread the word of our beautiful religion. Ameen
Sister Khan
May Almighty Allah reward you on this wonderful project.
SubhanaAllah, what an amazing project. A brilliant insight on the miraculous nature of the Qur'an. This is a must read for Muslims and non Muslims alike.
Servant of Allah SWT
Mashallah , I saw this on Islam Channel. Please carry on the good work . Please keep us updated on this Da'wah project.
MashAllah this is one of the most amazing projects ever!!!! Pls have a section on your website where people can help/volunteer in this effort.
Masha Allah , Keep up th good work May Allah (swt) reward you immensely in this life and the hereafter. Ameen
Nurul Amin
“Thank you very much for your wonderful gift which I got yesterday, and it was the best gift I have ever got from human in my life, I was very happy and pleased, you have now given me something that will make me go back to read and understand the life as a real Muslim and I will be reading it every day of my life with my wife…..all I can say is you have done something for me that I really don’t know what to say only to ask the Lord to guide you and give you good health with all your family. Thank you so much.”
Kebba Jammeh
“It took me nearly 2 years to embrace Islam because all the research I did was scattered throughout various books. Alhamdulillah with the production of this beautiful Qur’an (translation) everything you need is contained within its pages in a simple, inspiring and informative way. Jazakallah [khair] for your amazing work. May Allah guide many people though it and may He reward you with Jannat Ul Firdous for your efforts.”
“MashAllah! May Allah reward you greatly for all your efforts. My brother bought me a copy of the Qur’an (Translation) and it’s brilliant. I also downloaded a few pdf books and just wanted to express my gratitude and wish you all the best to continue InshaAllah"
“My initial thoughts on the publication was that it contained very useful information, it was very easy to understand as before I was struggling to seek for knowledge and was very happy to find out about this book (Qur’an Project) and it helped me very much. I have already bought few for my friends I feel they will find it very useful and inshaAllah will buy more in the future to give as gifts to friends and family. Thank you.”
“Jazkallahu khairun brothers for the project, Mash’allah, finally a book with all in one! (Quran (translation), Seerah, Miracles etc…) PERFECT for Da’wah, I’m ordering for my Kafir parents inshallah they will become Muslim.”
“MashAllah I am now placing an order for my second and third Qur’an Project…As a revert sister I want to make non-Muslims understand the real reasons as to why Islam is the truth and the Qur’an Project puts it all into perspective. InshAllah may Allah reward you all”
Roweena Lindo
“Thank you so much for the copy of the Quran (Translation)….it is so much easier to follow than I thought. I am not a Muslim, but I do read the Quran (Translation) daily and there is so much that it offers to me as a person….so much so that I am studying deeper…”
Karin Szabo-Devine
Masha-Allah the new site looks excellent - May Allah [swt] reward all the brothers [ameen]
A. Abdur Rahman
What a wonderful service you provide, thank you for enlightening me. I found it quite revealing I will be recommending to all my friends.
Rosie Jones
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