What are the different names Allah [swt] gives to the Qur'an

Imam Suyuti has listed 55 names of the Qur'an given by the Qur'an itself. Amongst them are:
    1. Al-Qur'an [that which is recited]
    2. Al-Kitab [written down]
    3. Kareem [most noble]
    4. KalamAllah [speech of Allah]
    5. Nur [ light in amidst a world of darkness]
    6. Huda [guidance away from the path of misguidance]
    7. Rahmah [mercy from Him]
    8. Al-Furqan [Criterion to distinguish right from wrong]
    9. Shifa [cure for the diseases of the Heart like doubt, hypocrisy, etc]
    10. Dhikr [the best way of Reminding oneself about Allah, Akhirah, Haqq]
    11. Mubarak [blessed]
    12. Hakeem [full of Wisdom]
    13. Hablillah [Rope of Allah - without which you will drown]
    14. Sirat al-Mustaqeem [It is the Straight Path]
    15. Ahsan al-Hadeeth [Best of speech]
    16. Ruh [it is the source of life to the heart [spiritually]
    17. AmrAllah [from the commands of Allah]
    18. Majeed [honoured]
    19. Basheer [gives good news]
    20. Nadheer [warns of bad events to happen to those who turn away]


It's recommanded to khnow ALLAH's names by heart!


the most important in this life: ALLAH's names


Mashallah, but i am not seeing the seven repeated verses




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