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Way to the Quran

This useful guide is for anyone seeking to establish a personal relationship with the Quran. It describes the steps necessary to bring the reality of the Quran into ones life.
Includes: how to understand that every word is revealed from Allah to you, how much and how often to read, pondering over the meanings, how the Quran explains itself, using hadith and tafsir to understand the Quran, and studying the Quran in groups. Includes a syllabus for individuals for Quranic study as well as listing of verses the Prophet recited for different occasions.


"As you come to the Qur'an, you come to a new world. No other venture in your life can be so momentous and crucial, so blissful and rewarding, as your journey to and through the Qur'an. It is a journey that will take you through the endless joys and riches of the words that your Creator and Lord has sent to you and all mankind. Here you will find a world of untold treasures of knowledge and wisdom to guide you on the pathways of life, to mould your thoughts and actions.In it you will find deep insights to enrich you and steer you along the right course.From it you will receive a radiant light to illumine the deeper reaches of your soul.Here you will encounter profound emotions, a warmth to melt your heart and bring tears running down your cheeks. It is crucial for you because, as you travel through the Qur'an, at every step you will summoned to choose, and to commit to Allah. To read the Qur'an is nothing less than to live the Qur'an willingly, sincerely,devotedly, and totally. The outcome of your entire life depends on how you heed the call given by Allah. The journey is therefore decisive for your existence, for mankind,for the future of human civilization. A hundred new worlds lie in its verses. Whole centuries are invlved in its moments. Know, then, that it is the Qur'an, and only the Qur'an, which can lead you on and on to success and glory in this world and in the world to come."


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