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Sponsor Qur'an Pack - £30

Qur'an Pack - £30

Ramadan; a month of the Qur'an and Charity. Multiply your reward by combining them; Sponsor the printing of the Qur'an Project in Ramadan!

Opportunity for 100,000 people to sponsor a "Qur'an Pack" for £30 which pays for 10 copies (approx). There is a very high demand for copies globally and you can help us meet that demand. Some may wish to sponsor a pack  every 10 days of Ramadan, accumulating to 30 copies (1 for each day of Ramadan) - an excellent opportunity. 

It's our BIGGEST printing appeal ever - to print a MILLION copies inshaAllah - a recent comment from a revert sister, “I bought myself a Qur’an, it’s beautiful, it’s made specifically for converts, reverts, people who are interested in Islam and people who do not understand it. It’s amazing and beautiful...i was reading it…..and really loving it…and i was ready to take my Shahadah" 

Help change a life and earn multiple reward!

click on link below to donate:


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