Scientific Truths in The Qur'an

"And it was not [possible] for this Qur'an to be produced by other than God....there is no doubt [it is] from the Lord of the worlds" - Qur'an 10:37

Worldwide Launch: Scientific Truths in the Qur'an

In this latest publication from The Qur'an Project we analyse some of the most significant scientific miracles foretold in the Qur'an over 1400 years ago including:

  • Qur’anic Integrity and Scientific Advancement.
  • The ‘Big Bang Theory’ - Historic Preamble
  • The Expanding Universe
  • Early Universe in a state of ‘Smoke’
  • The Orbital Movement of the Sun and the Moon
  • The Spherical Shape of the Earth
  • The Lowest Point on Earth
  • The Qur’an on Mountains
  • The Qur’an on the Origin of Life in Water
  • The Qur’an on Seas and Rivers
  • Light and Levels of Darkness in the Oceans
  • The Qur’an on Duality in Creation
  • Chlorophyll – The Green Pigment
  • The Uniqueness of Fingertips
  • The Skin – Sensation of Pain
  • Frontal Lobe of the Brain
  • Behavioural Patterns of Species are like Humans
  • The Qur’an on Human Embryonic Development

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