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Scientific Truths and The Qur'an

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Scientific Truths and the Qur'an (2nd Edition)

The 2nd edition finally out and is available to order and download.

From the micro to the macro level, our knowledge of the physical world has grown astronomically in recent times. 
The nucleic acid double helix, more commonly known as DNA, the existence of sub-atomic particles or the discovery of the expansion of the universe are examples of discoveries which have caused paradigm shifts in our understanding of the universe. We have amended our theories by updating valid ones and by rejecting false ones.

Published literature is a reflection of this reality. Every book represents the knowledge available to a writer at a certain time and place. As a result, books become obsolete after some time due to the information being found to be either false or incomplete, raising the need for them to be revised or re-written.This is the case for the writings of every physicist, scientist or philosopher. No human being has ever written a comprehensive book with absolute perfection and certainty of knowledge. It is also the case that a writer usually has knowledge of a specific subject or a few related subjects. For example, one can write about history or economics or philosophy or physics etc. But it is not possible for a human being to write simultaneously on a great variety of different subjects with such in-depth and accurate information.

The Qur’ān, God’s final revelation, speaks about the origins of the universe, movements of celestial bodies, stages of human embryonic development, behavioural patterns of species, historical and archaeological truths etc. The Qur’ān contains over 6,000 Ayat [verses] with over 70,000 words and yet it is a fact that not a single verse contradicts any established scientific fact.

Price: The first copy is FREE and a gift from us to you. Subsequent copies are at the full price of £4.95.

You can also download the full PDF, listen or download the lecture based on the book. A Kindle version is also available. 

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Scientific Truths in the Quran - 2nd Edition

First Copy FREE


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