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Scientific Miracles

The Qur'an and Scientific Advancement
This 80 page Book is a new version of 'Scientific Truths of the Qur'an.' It is high-colour edition which is ideal for viewing on Tablets and phone devices.The miraculous nature of the Qur’an lies in the knowledge it contains and this is an everlasting, renewable and a living proof. The Qur’an was given to mankind more th...
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The Biological Clock in Plants
The Biological Clock in Plants Many plants have a biological clock containing details of their own structure and other life forms that assist them with pollination and that bears a literal resemblance to a computer. The existence of this biological clocks points to a single reality, the fact of Creation.The ability to m...
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Scientific Truths in The Qur'an
"And it was not [possible] for this Qur'an to be produced by other than God....there is no doubt [it is] from the Lord of the worlds" - Qur'an 10:37Worldwide Launch: Scientific Truths in the Qur'anIn this latest publication from The Qur'an Project we analyse some of the most significant scientific miracles foretold in t...
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