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Privacy Policy

We treat all information regarding customers as confidential, your data will only be used for the purposes of your order, which includes your name,address and phone number. We will ask for your email address to confirm your order, and your phone number if we need to contact you regarding your order. We want our customers to be able to place a order without any worries. We are committed to protecting your privacy


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We use cookies to:

(1) remember you when you visit this website to keep track your shopping cart history and to check if you are logged in.

(2) make our website work as efficiently as possible.

You must have your cookies switched on in order for us to be able to process your order accurately.

Security policy

Any data relating to you is sent via a secure ssl channel (secure socket layer) to ensure the safety of your transfer, this means that the information can only be exchanged between you and us, and that no third party can access this information data. All other information regarding your credit card, name and address details are not stored on our systems after process of your orders, you will need to enter these details each time you place your orders with us over the internet.
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