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Islam in China
Prior to 500 CE and hence before the establishment of Islam, Arab seafarers had established trading relations with the “Middle Kingdom” (China).  Arab ships bravely set off from Basra, the tip of the Arabian Gulf and also from the town of Qays (Siraf) in the Persian Gulf. They sailed the Indi...
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Contribution of early Muslims to the field of astronomy
Out of numerous contributions by Early Muslim scholars to the field of astronomy, the following can be listed:Early Muslims precisely defined astronomy as a definite field of scientific research; translated available information and critically reviewed it; developed observing equipments (such as the telescope, the celestial ...
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Contributions of early muslims to the field of earth sciences
Despite the magnificent contributions of Early Muslims to the field of Earth Sciences, it has been wrongly assumed that the birth of such sciences did actually take place in 1830 A.C. by the publication of Charles Lyell’s book “Essentials of Geology”.It is true that the field has since been broadened to accommodate man...
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