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Literary and Linguistic Challenge

Language: The Main Vehicle Of Contemplation
Despite the complexity of this problem, research in cognitive psychology has become familiar with many secrets of human internal intellectual and mental activities and their precise relation with language.With the help of modern computer, it has been possible to set up simplified programs to clarify s...
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Iblees vs Shaytaan
What is the difference between Iblees and Shaytaan? Why is Iblees mentioned at some points in the Qu'ran and shaytaan in others. This article clarifies between the two.The name Iblees is mentioned in the Qur'an in a number of places when Allah mentions the story when he [Iblees] was commanded to prostrate to Adam The story o...
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Guidance of The Prophets
Various ayat (verses) are shown in this article regarding guidance given to the Prophets by Allah, the ayats also state the superiority over human kind. ...
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Ants - Linguistic Gems from The Qur'an
A whole surah is dedicated to the tiny creatures called ants. What is so important about these insects, what does this surah (chapter) teach?  A brief summary has been written of the importance of the ants in the following article.The article starts with how an ant called out to others when it saw danger approaching wit...
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Gems from Surah Al Kahf
Gems from Surah Al Kahf see article... ...
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Caves Illustration - Linguistic Gems
See Images ...
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Good Deeds Extinugish Evil Deeds
This article explains how good deeds, regardless how small are attached to the person, while evil deeds leave the person because they repent. ...
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In the Arabic language there are two words for blessing.  One word is mentioned only twice whilst the other is mentioned many times.  This article explains both. ...
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"saahir" and "sahaar"
What is the difference between "saahir" and "sahaar". Why is one word used as a regular Arabic word whilst another is hyperbolized?  This article tells the story of Musa (as) and explains the reason for this....
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10 Descriptions of The Disbelievers Hearts in The Qur'an
This article explains the different types of seals on the hearts of the disbelievers; starting from those who will repent to their Lord, to the one with a blackened heart. ...
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Linguistic Miracle in the Greatest Ayah of the Qur'an
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"I am Yusuf"
The Prophet Yusuf/Joseph [pbuh] answered their question that was full of emphatic particles in an emphatic way. Had he answered using a pronoun, there is no problem with this in the language. However, we are talking aboutthe context and flow of the ayah and this is much more eloquent to use. ...
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The Completeness of Islam
"This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you" ...
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The Difference Between "from beneath/under them (The Believers} and from beneath/under them (The Gardens)
This article explains the difference between "from beneath/under them (The Believers) and from beneath/them (the Gardens)".  What is the different in the meaning of the two mentioned?...
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Bonds of Brotherhood
What is the reason Prophet Shu'ayb (AS) is mentioned as brother in one ayah but not another?  This article explains why this is. ...
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The Precise Selection
Allah (SWT) has selected the ones who say 'Li ilaaha il Allah', so it is a privilege. It is Allah (SWT) who has given the name 'muslim'; this alone should be an encouragement for one to practice the deen. How fortunate are those who have been favoured in this sense. As with everything in life being favoured/blessed there is ...
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