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Life after Death

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"O you who believe! Let not your properties, nor your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. Whosoever does that, then they are the losers. So spend (in charity) of that with which We have provided you, before death comes to one of you and he says: ‘My Lord! If only you would give me respite for a little while (i.e. return to the worl...
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Welcome Aboard Fly Air Janazah
When we are leaving this world for the next one, it shall be like a trip to another country. Where details of that country won't be found in glamorous travel brochures but in the Holy Qura'an and the Hadiths. Where our plane won't be Indian Air Lines, British Airways, Gulf Air or Emirates but Air Janazah. Where our luggage won't be the allowed 3...
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Funeral Rites and Regulations in Islam
All praise is due to Allah All-Mighty, the Ever-Living Who said: "Every soul shall taste death." And may His peace and blessings be upon His slave and final Messenger, our beloved Prophet Muhammad who himself tasted death. The one who said: "Always remember the destroyer of pleasures - Death." The topic between your hands is a very important one, g...
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The Life of this World is Fleeting Enjoyment
 "Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. (It is) like a rain (Ghayth), thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torme...
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