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Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah
To Allah belong the most beautiful and perfect Names, so invoke Him by them. Abandon those who desecrate His Names, they will be recompensed for what they did.? From the most noble and lofty stations of cognisance is to know the Lord, the Glorious, through His beauty. This is the knowledge possessed by the elite of this crea...
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A Guide For The New Muslim
Congratulations to the New Muslim  The goal of this work is to present the new Muslim with a basic guide that will help him understand and implement Islam. As already noted, the newly converted Muslim has set himself upon a new path that, most likely, is very different from the path that He/She wa...
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Relief From Distress
The Dua of  Yunus upon him be peace by which he invoked Allah from within the belly of the whale was â€ś There is none worthy of worship except You. You are pure. Verily I am amongst the oppressors.” 21:87The Prophet (SAW) said about the Invocation of Yunus'None who is experiencing difficulty employs it except that Allah would relieve h...
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The Ideal Muslim
The Ideal Muslim is about the true Islamic personality of the Muslim as defined in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Written by Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi (also the author of the Ideal Muslimah), this book defines the Ideal Muslim as a man of the highest moral character. This book will play an important role in directing the Muslim community towards the path...
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A program Of Studies For new Muslims
Introduction to Program, 'In 1974, the Planning Committee of the Muslim Students' ssociation of the U. S. and Canada sparked the idea of designing a comprehensive curriculum for American Muslims who have recently embraced Islam. Such curriculum is greatly needed by a large population of Muslims in North America to help them ...
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Islam The Misunderstood Religion
The majority of the modern “educated” people are today faced with a religious crisis. Is religion really a fact of life? It might have been one in the past, but does it still remain so in the world of today when science has changed the whole course of life, and when there is no place in it for anything save science and what scientific facts approve...
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The Message of Islam
The Complete and Final Message to Man is a brief presentation of Islam defining its terms and teachings, followed by an advice to the Muslims and non-Muslims on following the path of the Righteous Predecessors. ...
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Discover Islam
Foreword, 'There is hardly any place on earth today where Islam is totally unknown. More and more people have become curious enough to find out something about this much publicized religion; more often than not, they have been pleasantly surprised. Islam is the religion and way of life of about one fifth of the world's popul...
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A collection of wise sayings
A collection of wise sayings is a fantastic book on sayings from a man who is a gem to this nation , this is the famous book written by ibn qayyim. If you are afraid of any creature, you will run away from it. When you are afraid of Allah, you will love Him and seek to be close to Him. How can one feel secure, who has an unm...
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