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Christianity and Islam

Where is the “Christ” in “Christianity?”
Religious scholars have long attributed the tenets of Christian faith more to Paul’s teachings than to those of Jesus.  As much as I would like to jump into that subject, I think it's best to back up and take a quick, speculative look at the Old Testament. ...
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The Difference between the Bible and the Qur'an
The Bible is a collection of writings by many different authors. The Qur'an is a dictation. The speaker in the Qur'an - in the first person - is God talking directly to man. In the Bible you have many men writing about God and you have in some places the word of God speaking to men and still in other places you have some men...
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Refuting of Innovated Christian Beliefs
If refuting the unfounded fallacious dogmas that have crept into the traditional Christian beliefs is your objective, here is a simplistic way of fulfilling this mission. The technique could achieve the desired results without entering into unpleasant arguments and lengthy controversies.The very source of some of these misle...
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Who Invented the Trinity?
The three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - all purport to share one fundamental concept: belief in God as the Supreme Being, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Known as Tawhid in Islam, this concept of the Oneness of God was stressed by Moses in a Biblical passage known as the "Shema" or th...
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Where did the King James Bible come From?
As we have previously seen, after the fourth century C.E., the official Church became that of the Trinitarians. It was not long until all opposition to their views and doctrines was pronounced a heresy and all of their proponents would be severely persecuted or killed. Most of what the Church had defined in its definition of...
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Who Moved the Stone?
Who Moved the Stone?"WHO MOVED THE STONE?" or "who ROLLED away the stone?" (Mark 16:3) is a question which has worried theologians for the past two thousand years. Mr Frank Morison, a prominent Bible scholar, tried to nail down this ghost(s) in a book bearing the same title as this tract. Between 1930 and 1975 his book has gone through ELEVEN editi...
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Over a thousand million Christians today blindly accept that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ. They produce "a thousand and one" prophecies from the Jewish Bible (the Old Testament) to prove their claim that Jesus was the Messiah promised to the Jews. Let us hold the thousand" prophecies in abeyance for a moment and examine the only unequivocal clai...
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We Believe in His Books
We believe that Allah revealed books to His messengers as proof against mankind and a guidance for the righteous workers. They purified and taught them wisdom by these books. We believe that Allah sent down a book with every messenger, because He says: "Indeed We sent down Our messengers with the clear signs, and We sent down with them the book a...
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Bible: A Closer Look
First of all, let me begin by saying that I am a former Christian, preacher, minister of music and organist for a  long number of years in the Disciples of Christ Church, Baptist, Methodist churches and The Church of God.  I totally and completely accepted the teachings and concepts of salvation within the Christian church many  year...
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Recently, an American historical researcher and mathematician, Michael H. Hart, published a book : "THE 100, THE TOP HUNDRED OR THE GREATEST HUNDRED IN HISTORY." In his book he gives the names of the 100 "Most Influential Men in History" and his reasons for their positions in his list. Amazingly, he (most probably a Christian) puts Muhummed (peace ...
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Title: Jesus, a Muslim, was Neither Killed, nor Crucified
We have seen that Jesus (pbuh) greeted his disciples like a Muslim, by saying: “Peace be unto you”, when he appeared before them after his so-called ‘resurrection’ (John 20:19). Muslims use the same words to greet, (but in Arabic): Assalaamu Alaikum. We have also seen that the utterances of Jesus have been supportive of and predicting abo...
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Was Jesus Sent to be Crucified?
One of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus had died and allowed for the shedding of his blood for the sake of granting forgiveness to people. In other words Jesus had died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. Let us investigate this topic from the Bible, and find out whether Jesus was sent to be crucified or that he was cruci...
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